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Risks are a fact of life. We can help you manage risk.

If something happened to you, what would happen to your spouse or partner, your children, your employees? If you became disabled and unable to work, how long could you sustain your home and other necessities? If you suddenly became seriously ill and required long term care in your home or in a skilled facility, how could you pay for it without wreaking financial havoc on your hard-earned wealth?

All too often, people procrastinate on purchasing insurance because they think it can’t happen to them. While we all know we are going to die some day, we cannot control when that might be. We have no way to foresee the future, and any accidents or illnesses that might come our way. These may not be pleasant subjects to think about, but mitigating risk is essential to sound financial planning.

We can help you to protect what you have worked for - and those you love. We offer a wide range of life, disability, and long term care insurance programs for individuals. And, if you have policies in place that you purchased several years ago, we are pleased to offer a complimentary review to see if we might potentially save you money or obtain better coverage.

For those clients who are business owners, who have amassed serious wealth, or who have charitable intent, insurance strategies can help to resolve problems relating to estate taxation, business succession, and other concerns.