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Compensation and Retention

Compensation and Retention

“A long-term, key employee gets a highly attractive offer from a competitor. They now feel underpaid and unappreciated for so many years and are resentful because of it. You make them a counter-offer and feel resentful that they haven’t been loyal. What might you have done to prevent this unfortunate scenario and have a win-win instead?”

Some key areas where our Business Services Team might assist:

*Key employee retention strategies and incentive compensation plans

*Making elections for retirement or pension payouts

*Evaluating early retirement incentives

*Monitoring the vesting schedule or company stock awards and cash flows needed for potential tax liabilities

*Concentrated securities positions – diversification, tax-mitigation strategies for distributions of highly appreciated company stock from corporate retirement plans

*Restricted stock sales

*Distribution of deferred compensation and other incentive-based plans

*Structuring new, or reviewing existing, corporate retirement plans - plan type, investment selection, assisting with the fiduciary responsibility of the annual review, providing employee education

*Board of Directors – structure, compensation, and risk

*Exit strategies to help monetize a life’s work in a closely held company

*Philanthropy and charitable gifting

*Legacy planning

*Creating comprehensive financial plans to anticipate and manage life events – marital, family, education, retirement, estate and other goals

*Risk mitigation through life, long term care, and disability insurance strategies

*Income replacement

*Wealth accumulation and distributions strategies, wealth management 

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