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Business Services Group: Wealth and Related Strategies for CEOs and Key Decision-Makers


 In a rapidly evolving business and economic landscape, it helps to have guidance.

Business Services Group: Wealth and Related Strategies for CEOs and Key Decision-Makers We offer a range of specialized services tailored to CEOs and senior executives to empower and inform, to problem-solve, and to help mitigate risks. Our primary objective to help you remain focused on what you do best: run your business. We’ll help you obtain the services, knowledge, and support you need to navigate, simplify, organize, and resolve your financial and business challenges now and into the future.

Needs at this level can be complex, and may require the insights and perspectives of a team of professionals from various disciplines. We are able to work with your current advisers, such as attorneys, accountants, or tax professionals, and can also make introductions to these and other strategic professionals through our vast networks.

Together, let’s personalize our suite of specialized services to help match your goals:

Compensation and Retention – To retain today’s talent and attract tomorrow’s strength

Wealth Management– C-suite services as an executive benefit

Retirement Planning Design and choices to implement now for the future

Succession Planning  - Intelligent business continuity

Strategic Consulting – Value added services for business leaders

To schedule your confidential consultation to learn more, please contact Business Services Group at (518) 867-4000 x107 or