Educate Yourself Against Common Fraud Attempts

June 30, 2023

EDUCATE YOURSELF AGAINST COMMON FRAUD ATTEMPTS: Periodically, we post educational information about common fraud attempts/scams. *Please be mindful of any "pop ups" on your computer claiming to be Microsoft, Apple, McAfee or another popular tech provider stating that you must call tech support at the number provided. Do not call the number, do not click any links, do not provide any money or password information. Simply sign out of your computer and sign back in.  *Please do not leave your car unlocked or leave your purse in the vehicle while you bring your shopping cart back to the corral. A common scam is for someone to attempt to distract you while their partner takes your wallet. This may happen to people who are distracted putting packages or children into the car. Always keep your purse with you. *Be mindful of emails from people seeking your help due to some urgent situation (lost wallet, lost passport, illness) and needing money from you via wire immediately - always with some reason why they can't talk to you/answer their phone. They may claim to be someone you know - but call your friend/family member/neighbor at a known number and verify.