2022 Fraud Trends

July 02, 2022

Periodically, we like to provide some education regarding fraud trends. 

It is important to protect your personal data such as account numbers, social security numbers, drivers license number, credit card numbers, etc. It is also important to be wary of unsolicited letters stating that you must provide identification documents in order for your credit card application to be processed even if it looks like it is coming from a major bank/financial institution. It is important if selling something online on a social media marketplace where someone is readily able to communicate with you to protect your cell phone data, as there is a way for people to use your cell phone information to verify fraudulent accounts in your name - they don't need your cell phone if they can already message you. Be mindful of scams such as someone is going to come to your house and give you more money than you have asked for the item if you just cash the check and they will pick up the difference (money laundering scam). Be wary of romance scams in which a person online asks for donations to pay for medical bills, travel, charitable endeavors and promises to come visit you but always has an excuse why they don't - these people may claim to be doctors, members of the armed forces, attorneys, government officials, missionaries and can be very convincing. 

Be careful of emailing your personal data/documents via an unencrypted email. Do not click on unsolicited links saying that you need to verify your account, credit card, or other data - these emails are usually spoofed from places such as major financial institutions, major package delivery services or shopping websites, the IRS, etc - your account is not going to be locked, you are not going to be arrested, etc. Your financial organization does not need to remotely access your computer. Be sure to read your bank, credit card, investment and other statements regularly or access your accounts online so that you can spot purchases you did not make, etc.

If someone calls you on the phone stating a loved one is in jail and needs bail, hang up - often they will pretend to be a grandchild and in your upset they will prey upon your emotions.

If someone asks you to go and buy a gift card for money and give them the numbers over the phone, hang up. It is important to educate yourself about current scams and to remain vigilant.